Amy adds imagination, creativity, and taste to her ability to listen to the customer and intuit what he or she really wants. She offers, but never imposes, her own ideas. In addition, she is prompt. I'm extremely pleased with the work she has done for me! -Julia Pabst, SacredSolos.com

AA CyberSolutions has never said “No, that can’t be done.” Amy Burky, the lead designer/developer, has the ability to understand and speak layman-language. After our planning sessions with her, she beautifully translated our artistic visions into cutting edge technology. The website for our performing arts center was originally designed to educate and inform our community, our parents, and our students. It definitely continues fulfilling this original hope. However, it accomplishes so much more! It is our best advertising tool, drawing more interest for our events and classes than any other advertising! Since its inception in 1999, we continue to receive glowing compliments about our website. -Betsie Andrews, Director of ArtisTree

A site designed by AA CyberSolutions is not a static site. We are very impressed with Amy Burky’s maintenance of our site. She taught us clearly and easily how to update our site. Her good communication and excellent design means that our site is always up-to-date and that we can afford to maintain it. What we love is how it looks and works! Amy focuses on many parts which no one sees-we can’t begin to understand that part of it! Because of her programming skills, our site WORKS and works well! It gets wonderful visibility, is easy to navigate, and reflects our company’s culture! -Sarah Snider, Instructor at ArtisTree

Our organization became a non-profit organization in 2007. We were able to launch Prairie Nutcracker Foundation, Inc. with a beautiful website designed and developed by AA CyberSolutions. From selling tickets to fundraising ideas to informing our cast and community, we are so fortunate that Amy Burky agreed to design and develop Prairie Nutcracker’s beautiful website. -Kathy Zongker, Prairie Nutcracker Wardrobe Director

Amy offers that rarest of combinations — deep technical knowledge and sharp problem-solving skills along with the ability to not just hear what you're saying, but listen and communicate clearly and compassionately. Twice now she's saved me when I – and even the "geniuses" at the Apple store – thought all was lost, delivering a solution on extremely scary deadlines. And with her keen eye for design she not only helped me with the building blocks of a website but saved me from embarrassing myself with amateurish design choices. Amy's a gem! -Kristi Lanier, Seattle, Washington

Amy Burky has been my computer-world life saver for the past 10 years. It seems as though she is available 24/7 to help with ANY problem that comes up. Her logical problem solving techniques quickly get to the root of the problem to where she can aid in suggesting usually MORE than one solution to the issue at hand. I have been so impressed at how up-to-date Amy keeps herself with the ever-changing world of computer software and hardware. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who needs help them with his/her computer needs. -Jamie Bollinger, St. Louis, Missouri

Over the years, I have called on Amy Burky for help in resolving technical difficulties with my Mac computers, especially regarding wireless connection capabilities.  She has so consistently been able to see through to the core issue that I am convinced she has some super-intuitive vision when it comes to problem-solving on Macs!  When I am stalemated and all others have given up on me and my computer, Amy patiently listens, leads me through various steps, trying out various ideas, until finally she always resolves the problem.  Her tenacity in sticking with it is a gift! -Gail Menschel, W. Groton, Massachusetts

Amy has helped me with my Mac computer for several years… always solved my problems and taught me new things! She is prompt, kind, and patient — I hope she will come back to Kansas once in a while for major help! In the meantime, I plan to use her services remotely. -Doxie Keller, Hutchinson, Kansas

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