Kristi Lanier’s new website

My friend Kristi Lanier is a great writer based in Seattle, WA. She has also written and lived in Boston and Shanghai. The great thing about the work she does is that she doesn’t have to do the work on site, so she can do writing jobs all over the world. I was quite impressed on my recent visit to Seattle to watch Kristi read a super long report, and pull out the really important stuff for a brochure. She’s recently put together her own website, and I look forward to the day when we can work together on a site where she writes the content and I build the website.

Kristi has another talent that you won’t find in her résumé – she’s quite the organizer. If you have an untidy house or drawers and closets that won’t shut because of the mess of contents spewing out, Kristi can come in and purge the unneccesary contents and make everything tidy and organized. I just might have to have Kristi come help me purge before my next move.