Updating a prefab template site

These days it’s much easier than it was 5-10 years ago for the average computer user to create their own website. This blog is proof of that. I only had a few buttons to click, and bingo, I had installed blog software that does everything for me (and more) that I’ve always taken it upon myself to code.

As a web developer, I like to have total control. I’m a proponent of clean code that adheres to the W3C standards. I abhor WYSIWIG editors that code the HTML for you. Worst of all are those Microsoft Word documents exported to HTML.

Art Sundquist, of Sundquist Photography in Hutchinson, KS, has such a site which he created himself from a template. Art has a great philosophy on studio and event photography. He is all about the experience and puts his clients first. Instead of diluting his attention from his clients and figuring out how to update his site himself, he asked me to make some updates to the website that he put up several years ago.

There is much more I want to do with this site to make it really start working for him, but I have done some basic optimization to a few of the main pages:

I also created a new Baby photography page based on the site template.